We remember our 2008 World Series Phillies….we remember what the Lord did for us…..

It was a great weekend seeing all the past 2008 Phillies players being paraded out and honored and remembered for their great accomplishments.  What a celebration, how could we ever forget it!  The current Phillies sweep the Marlins and our doing great.  What did Jesus ask us to remember about him….let’s talk about it on this Monday edition of Players & Prayers……..


Wake Up Phillies!! The Phillies get shut out by the Reds….Jude reminds us to wake up as well with our Christian walk….

The Phillies are playing like they are half asleep these past few days.  No hitting, errors every where, and no timely pitching.  They need to get out of this funk and fast.  In the Bible in the book of Jude, he talks to the church about waking up with the way they are living their lives and who their true Master and Lord needs to be.  Not optional.  You can’t have one without the other…..Let’s talk about it on this Monday edition of Players and Prayers…..


Don’t drift away Phillies….Tiger drifts away from the lead…how is your walk, are you drifting?

Phillies are haning on to first place by a thread….Tiger Woods was briefly leading the British Open and then it drifted away to the younger golfers…..how is your walk going these days and are you drifting…..Let’s talk about it to start the week off right….


Good time and bad times…Phils in first place, loss of Ray Emery…..God is always present…..

The tragic death of Ray Emery over the weekend overshadowed a first place Phillies team at the All-Star break.  Where is God in all of this?  Let’s talk about it on this edition of  Players and Prayers……


Youth movement for the Phillies…They keep winning…Jeremiah was young once, and did great things as well…..

The Phillies got their 47th win on July 4th.  They did not get 47 wins last year till August 25th!  The youth movement, starting from their manager to their players, is really starting to pay off.  Jeremiah was young once and God called him to do great things as a little guy.  Let’s talk about it on this Friday edition……

Phillies win in extra innings…great relief pitching….Moses sitting down on the job?

Phillies win in dramatic fashion, bottom of the 13th, walk off homer!  They had some great relief pitching and overcame some true adversity.  Moses had a real battle of his own in Exodus chapter 17 against the Amalekites….let’s talk about it on this Monday edition…..


Phillies have the best home record in the National League….How is your home record going?

The Phillies are tied with the Giants for the best home record in the National league.  This has made them a playoff team currently.  In Psalms 127 it talks about how the home should be built and how God sustains it.  Let’s talk about it on today’s podcast…..


Justified wins Triple Crown…Are you justified?

Justified becomes the 13th Triple Crown winner and completes the dream season.  This is all an owner and jockey could ever dream about.  How about us?  I love the word justified and what it represents in the Bible.  Let’s talk about it on this edition of Players and Prayers……

Caps win the Stanley Cup! We lose two Icons this week….

The Washington Capitals won their very first Stanley Cup last night.  What a great accomplishment for the team and the city.  Alex Ovechkin hoisted the trophy after a 14 year career.  Will it be enough for him?  We lost two great iconic people this week in Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.  Both will be deeply missed.  What does it all mean any way…..let’s talk about on this edition…..