Another Storm Brewing

It seems like the past few weeks the leading story for the nightly news has been these incredible hurricanes we have been having this summer.  With Maria now barreling up the east coast, I find myself singing, “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria!” Storms come in all shapes and sizes and do not care about your ethnicity, religion, or your favorite sports team for that matter. They don’t check with you first and make sure it is ok with your schedule. The question is whom do you look to during these storms?


I think of one of my favorite college players Tim Tebow. He was a two-time Heisman Trophy winner and won a playoff game for the Broncos. When he got cut as the starting quarterback from the Jets, they said his career was over. He survived this storm and went on to play baseball this year for the Mets farm team. Most said this is just a publicity stunt and he should not even be on the field. He promptly homered in his first plate appearance in the minor leagues. Absolutely an amazing story and an astounding feat considering the last time he played competitive baseball. He gave the credit to the Lord for helping him get through his current storm.


When storms come, it reminds me of this story in the Bible when Jesus walked on the water to the disciples.  We know the story very well.  Before Jesus showed up, the disciples were caught in their own storm and were afraid they may perish. These were seasoned fishermen who have been out to sea all the days of their lives. This must have been some kind of storm. They soon became distracted with something greater than the storm. They saw Jesus walking on the water towards them. When the focus was on Jesus, and not the storm, they were no longer afraid of it.   Heck, Peter even jumped out of the boat to be with him at the end of the storm.  Notice though, Jesus, did not calm the storm right away.  He saved Peter from drowning when he took his eyes off of him.  He also walked back to the boat with Peter through the storm.  I wonder how that must have felt walking on the water with Jesus while a storm was raging.  How did Peter feel once they made it back to the boat, and Jesus said Peace be still.


Courage in storms can be tricky when you are looking at the weather channel and your own surroundings. One thing I know for sure, you are either going into a storm, coming out of one, or there is one in the not too distant future for you. How you handle it will ultimately depend on your object of focus. Take it from Peter and Tim Tebow and focus on the one who can say, “Peace be still”, and you will see yourself through this storm and onto tranquil waters.