Nova wins championship! Man’s son healed….that is the truth!

Nova has won 2 of the last 3 March Madness tourneys.  That is pretty impressive.  Jay Wright has this team playing truly inspiring basketball.  This is the truth and can’t be denied.  How can this truth relate to a father’s son being healed…..let’s talk about it today and find out…..


Happy Easter! Villanova going back to the Championship…Phillies have no one warming up in 15-2 loss…


Happy Easter everyone! Villanova is going back to the title game.  With a crushing victory they are one more win away from a national title. The Phillies manager calls the bullpen and nobody answers?  Miscommunication, celebrating…..this sounds like a great segway into resurrection Sunday….




Good Friday…..Opening Day for Baseball, Happy Easter Weekend…

Opening day is here already! Phillies are 0-1 already 🙁

Joel Embiid is hurt with a fracture to his face, ouch!

Let’s reflect on some great news, the best news we could ever hear….Jesus paid it all for you and me.


Arrest warrant out for Eagles Michael Bennett….Arrest warrant out for Jesus this week as well

Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett is facing some serious legal trouble in Texas.  There is an arrest warrant out for him as he allegedly injured a  a 66-year-old paraplegic who was working security during the Super Bowl last year.  Jesus would have an arrest warrant out for him later this week on Good Friday.  What are the key differences, you may be able to guess them 🙂


Steph Curry back wearing low top sneakers…..Jesus washing disciples feet….


Steph Curry is back and the former MVP is wearing low top sneakers to help with the feet problem that have been hindering him all year.  Will the shoes make the difference? Jesus washed the disciples feet and taught them a valueable lesson on service and working together,  Are they related….let’s check and see…..


Greatest College Hoops Upset Ever…..

UMBC stunned the world and defeated top overall seed Virginia 74-54 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and with relative ease.

It is now considered one of the greatest if not the greatest upset in college sports. Are you advancing to the Kingdom of God, or is your bracket busted as well? Let’s have a spiritual check up and find out today.


NFL teams clean house…Stephen Hawking death of a brilliant mind….Jesus cleans house…

NFL teams are cleaning house and getting rid of many top players for not performing.  Jesus went into the temple and cleaned house of the merchants who were taking advantage of people who just wanted to worship God.  Are there any similarities?  Let’s take a look on this TGIF edition…..


March Madness is upon us….time to pick our brackets….Time is so precious, let’s use it the proper way God intended.

This weekend we had to set the clocks forward and we lost an hour.   The Phillies signed a great pitcher is Jake Arrieta. Will this spring move make the difference? March Madness is here and Villanova is a number one seed. Time to pick our brackets. What does God say about time and the way we should redeem it. Let’s take a listen and find out……


Blizzard Edition….Eagles Sign Bennett from Seahawks….Snow and Blizzards in the Bible?

The Northeast is getting hammered with a Blizzard.  The Eagles are using the phrase when it rains it pours in a good way and are adding to their defense.  A great pick up in Michael Bennett.  Does the Bible have anything to teach us about days when we are pinned and it is blizzard conditions out?

Roger Bannister passes away at age 88, first man to break 4-minute mile. Oscar winners…..Best Actor….Paul and Silas?

Roger Bannister passed away at the age of 88. He is credited as the first man breaking the 4-minute mile. He was a real person and not an actor. The Oscars were last night and they handed out the best actor award. I am betting if Paul and Silas of the Bible were around, they would have been up for the award and might have even won! Let’s take a look at how they responded to a difficult situation.