4th of July…….242 years later……how are we doing?

Happy 4th of July! 242 years later how are we doing as a country?  The Philles are doing well and they keep on winning.  Let’s talk about it on this 4th of July, Holiday edition…..

Phillies have the best home record in the National League….How is your home record going?

The Phillies are tied with the Giants for the best home record in the National league.  This has made them a playoff team currently.  In Psalms 127 it talks about how the home should be built and how God sustains it.  Let’s talk about it on today’s podcast…..


Caps win the Stanley Cup! We lose two Icons this week….

The Washington Capitals won their very first Stanley Cup last night.  What a great accomplishment for the team and the city.  Alex Ovechkin hoisted the trophy after a 14 year career.  Will it be enough for him?  We lost two great iconic people this week in Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.  Both will be deeply missed.  What does it all mean any way…..let’s talk about on this edition…..

Eagles Not Going to the White House…Do you have your invitation?

Donald Trump has rescinded his invitation to the White House for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The truth is many players were not going to attend anyway.  But should he still have met with the players who wanted to come?  What does God say about his invitation he sent to you?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast……


Vegas going to the Stanley Cup….what are the odds? About the same for David vs Goliath…

At 500 to 1 odds, nobody in their right mind would have picked the Vegas hockey team to go to the Stanley Cup in its first year of existence.  But they did.  It would be an even bigger longshot if David beat Goliath somehow…..but he did?  Let’s talk about it in today’s session…..


Happy Mother’s Day…Phillies wear throwback uniforms…Peter restored…

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I was watching the Phillies and they were wearing the old 1980 throwback uniforms.  They won the game that day like they used to, one big swing and it was over!  Peter tried to go back to his past life after denying the Lord 3 times, but how did it turn out?  Did Jesus let him?

Let’s talk about it on this Tuesday morning…….

Season over for Sixers, hope springs eternal….

It was a tough series and a tough loss to end the Sixers season last night.  The future looks bright if they can learn from their lack of leadership and bad coaching decisions that cost them the series.  How did King Saul spend his life, and what can we learn from his bad leadership decisions….let’s talk about it today and find out.