What is your Perspective of the Chiefs trading their starting Quarterback to the Redskins……they will not be signing their own Quarterback Cousins……. What is your perspective on Jesus?


So the Washington Redskins have decided from their viewpoint they would rather have Alex Smith than Kirk Cousins as their starting quarterback. We will see how this plays out next year. What is your viewpoint of who Jesus is? Do the demons know and fear Jesus more than most people today? Let’s listen in and find out…

Chance to meet Jim Kelly HOF QB…His story of Perseverance

I had a chance over the weekend to meet Jim Kelly HOF Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

He did a great job sharing his story and how he persevered through so many trials in his life.  It was very uplifting.  It got me thinking of one particular battle Gideon was going to fight where he needed perseverance and encouragement.


G.O.A.T (Greatest of All-Time) debate Brady vs Jordan…how about for people that ever lived?

I was reading a pretty cool article about people debating who is the G.O.A.T for their particular sport.  It was Tom Brady for football vs Michael Jordan for basketball.

While this arcticle did have some excellent statistical points, it got me thinking who did Jesus consider to be the greatest person ever born to a woman?  The answer may surprise you and how you can pass him! Let’s take a listen in.


Judge sentences Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor to up to 175 years in prison

The ruling has been handed out and the judge has sentenced Larry Nassar to life in prison for his horrific crimes.  The Olympic committee needs to be investigated as to why and how he held his position as team doctor for so long?  They did not do the right thing by these brave ladies and were more concerned about us winning medals.

Fortunately Jesus always knows how to handle every situation perfectly.  What is the number one “right decision” he wants you to make for your life?  Let’s listen in and find out.


Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! Time to prepare…..

Eagles crushed the Vikings and are going to the Super Bowl! They will need to prepare for this game like no other this year.  As Christians, how should we prepare for our everyday battle with the enemy? We need to know our enemy like the Eagles need to know everything about the Patriots.   Let’s listen in and gain some insight.


NFC Championship and AFC Championship picks – Guest Al Camuso


I got together with my great buddy Al Camuso and we picked the Championship games for the NFC and AFC this Sunday.  Listen in if you want deep insight on the home teams chances of winning 🙂  Go Birds!


Heroes of the Faith….Future Hall of Famers…

Last night I saw they honored Eric Lindros for the great career he had here in Philadelphia as a Flyer.  We never won the Stanley Cup with him, but he sure did give us his best effort every night.  With the big game this weekend with the Eagles vs Vikings, it got me thinking, heroes of the faith, future hall of famers who may step up, what chapter of the Bible does this remind you of and how can we relate to Hebrews Chapter 11?

Let’s listen in and find out……Go Birds!

Tyler Hilinski college football QB tragic sucide.

It is so sad to hear when anyone takes his or her life.  I just read where sophomore qb,

Tyler Hilinski committed suicide.  Despair and depression and pressure are real things in this life.  We pray for his family and friends.  What does the Bible tell us about this sensitive and delicate yet real issue many young people face today?


This is not a Drill! Scary times in Hawaii

The PGA Tour was in Hawaii this week.  This is where they received the missile threat by mistake and many golfers ran and took cover.  What would be going through your mind if this threat were real?  There is a passage in the book of Matthew about ten people who are supposedly ready to meet Jesus when he returns.  It turns out only 5 are really ready.

Are you living as a prepared follower of Jesus ready for his imminent return?


Eagles win and beat Atlanta and move on!

The Eagles win in dramatic fashion and hold off the Atlanta Falcons to advance to the NFC Championship.  One more win and they are off to the Super Bowl!

They are the underdog once again, and they are going to have a tough fight against a real powerhouse of a team.  It reminds of the the fight, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to deal with in the book of Daniel.  Let’s check it out and see how this ended.