Draft day recap….would you get drafted?

Shaquem Griffin was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks over the weekend.  This would normally be a real non-story.  In this case however, it was the story of the draft and the best moment of the weekend considering everything this young man had to overcome physically.  If there was a Christian team forming….would you get drafted….let’s talk about it on this Hunp Day edition.



Sixers advance to second round…Eagles pick today in the NFL Draft…..2 donkeys get lost….

The Sixers finish off the Miami Heat and will advance and play the Boston Celtics.  The NFL draft is tonight and the Eagles will pick a player who someday could be their future leader….exciting times….What does Saul a future king losing 2 donkeys have to do with this?  Let’s talk about it…..


Sixers big win over the weekend…Phillies sweep…GQ says don’t read your Bible….

Sixers are on the cusp of hitting that second round of the NBA playoffs.  Phillies are red hot sweeping the Pirates over the weekend.  GQ announces 21 books you no longer need to read and the Bible is # 21! Let’s talk about it on this Monday edition.

Trust the process…..trust the Lord’s process…..

The SIxers are trusting the process and it is paying off.  They got their star center back and he cam thru in a big way,  Can we trust in the Lord’s process to finish what he started.  Let’s talk about on TGIF day!

Philly teams have a great weekend go 5-1….How was your weekend….did it change like the weather did?

It is a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan these days.  Phils sweep….Sixers win by 27…Flyers split but are haning in there.  On Saturday we were 84 and sunny and on Sunday we were 40 and rainy.  What a drastic change!  Kind of like Saul changing to Paul….let’s talk about this on Monday morning…..

Phils win 20 to 1….Perspective….How good are they really?

The Phillies won 20 to 1 over the weekend! Should we set up our chairs for the parade or was this just a one time deal?  Our perspective on this will gauge how we feel about them currently.  What is God’s perspective when trials hit our lives?  Let’s talk about it to start our week off…….Happy Monday!


Villanova fans out in full force celebrating 2nd title in last 3 years….How can we help crown the next champion?

Villanova has won their 2nd championship in the last 3 years,  What an accomplishment!

They should truly be crowned the best team around.  Speaking of crowns did you know the Bible mentions 5 different types of crowns you have a shot at?  Let’s take a look and see how you can get started this weekend……


Nova wins championship! Man’s son healed….that is the truth!

Nova has won 2 of the last 3 March Madness tourneys.  That is pretty impressive.  Jay Wright has this team playing truly inspiring basketball.  This is the truth and can’t be denied.  How can this truth relate to a father’s son being healed…..let’s talk about it today and find out…..


Happy Easter! Villanova going back to the Championship…Phillies have no one warming up in 15-2 loss…


Happy Easter everyone! Villanova is going back to the title game.  With a crushing victory they are one more win away from a national title. The Phillies manager calls the bullpen and nobody answers?  Miscommunication, celebrating…..this sounds like a great segway into resurrection Sunday….




Good Friday…..Opening Day for Baseball, Happy Easter Weekend…

Opening day is here already! Phillies are 0-1 already 🙁

Joel Embiid is hurt with a fracture to his face, ouch!

Let’s reflect on some great news, the best news we could ever hear….Jesus paid it all for you and me.