Eagles win one for the Ages…put your trust in Nick….put your trust in God…

Eagles beat the Bears 16-15 in one of the best back and forth NFL playoff games I have seen in a long time.  Nick Foles delivers another victory against a top opponent and proves you can trust him.  There was a leader named Naaman who needed to trust Elisha and God to heal his leprosy.  How would he respond to this tribulation in his life…..let’s find out on today’s podcast……


Meeting Needs….for all (4) Philadelphia sports teams….meeting needs of others..

Right now, all four of the Philadelphia sports teams have losing records or the season ended with a losing record, aka the Phillies.  What happened?  How did we not address the off-season issues?  Can we same the same thing about our walk with the Lord?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast…..

Sept. 1st, Flip the calendar…Phils make a playoff run….fantasy vs reality…

I recently had my fantasy football draft and my hope is my team is going to win it all this year.  That is just a fantasy though I am sure the reality will set in soon.  Will the Phillies make the playoffs?  Will the Eagles be healthy and get back to the Super Bowl?  When the rich young ruler asked Jesus what must I do to inherit eternal life was this the real question he wanted to ask or was it something else?  Let’s talk about it on this September 1st edition of P & P.

Youth movement for the Phillies…They keep winning…Jeremiah was young once, and did great things as well…..

The Phillies got their 47th win on July 4th.  They did not get 47 wins last year till August 25th!  The youth movement, starting from their manager to their players, is really starting to pay off.  Jeremiah was young once and God called him to do great things as a little guy.  Let’s talk about it on this Friday edition……

Eagles Not Going to the White House…Do you have your invitation?

Donald Trump has rescinded his invitation to the White House for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The truth is many players were not going to attend anyway.  But should he still have met with the players who wanted to come?  What does God say about his invitation he sent to you?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast……


Sixers advance to second round…Eagles pick today in the NFL Draft…..2 donkeys get lost….

The Sixers finish off the Miami Heat and will advance and play the Boston Celtics.  The NFL draft is tonight and the Eagles will pick a player who someday could be their future leader….exciting times….What does Saul a future king losing 2 donkeys have to do with this?  Let’s talk about it…..


Arrest warrant out for Eagles Michael Bennett….Arrest warrant out for Jesus this week as well

Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett is facing some serious legal trouble in Texas.  There is an arrest warrant out for him as he allegedly injured a  a 66-year-old paraplegic who was working security during the Super Bowl last year.  Jesus would have an arrest warrant out for him later this week on Good Friday.  What are the key differences, you may be able to guess them 🙂


Blizzard Edition….Eagles Sign Bennett from Seahawks….Snow and Blizzards in the Bible?

The Northeast is getting hammered with a Blizzard.  The Eagles are using the phrase when it rains it pours in a good way and are adding to their defense.  A great pick up in Michael Bennett.  Does the Bible have anything to teach us about days when we are pinned and it is blizzard conditions out?