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Meeting Needs….for all (4) Philadelphia sports teams….meeting needs of others..

Right now, all four of the Philadelphia sports teams have losing records or the season ended with a losing record, aka the Phillies.  What happened?  How did we not address the off-season issues?  Can we same the same thing about our walk with the Lord?… Read More


Trust the process… the Lord’s process…..

The SIxers are trusting the process and it is paying off.  They got their star center back and he cam thru in a big way,  Can we trust in the Lord’s process to finish what he started.  Let’s talk about on TGIF day! Play… Read More

Adversity and Hardship

  The Flyers are certainly going thru some hardships right now losers of 9 in a row. Eli Manning has just got benced as a 2 time Super Champ for a nobody back up. What does the Bible say about hardships in our lives? Should… Read More

Giving Thanks

The Eagles are the # 1 seed right now…doing fantastic! The Sixers look great and are making a playoff push….. What are you thankful for these days….what does the Bible say about Thanksgiving and how are attitudes should be? Play in new… Read More