Phillies season on the brink, like a hurricane a coming….

The Phillies are 6-16 in their last 22 games and quite frankly have forgotten how to win.  They can’t pitch, field, or hit and have regressed to such a low level, their triple A team may give them a run for their money.  How has your Christian walk grown or regressed according to this passage in Hebrews 5?  Let’s talk about it today and see where we stand…..

Don’t drift away Phillies….Tiger drifts away from the lead…how is your walk, are you drifting?

Phillies are haning on to first place by a thread….Tiger Woods was briefly leading the British Open and then it drifted away to the younger golfers… is your walk going these days and are you drifting…..Let’s talk about it to start the week off right….


Heroes of the Faith….Future Hall of Famers…

Last night I saw they honored Eric Lindros for the great career he had here in Philadelphia as a Flyer.  We never won the Stanley Cup with him, but he sure did give us his best effort every night.  With the big game this weekend with the Eagles vs Vikings, it got me thinking, heroes of the faith, future hall of famers who may step up, what chapter of the Bible does this remind you of and how can we relate to Hebrews Chapter 11?

Let’s listen in and find out……Go Birds!