Sept. 1st, Flip the calendar…Phils make a playoff run….fantasy vs reality…

I recently had my fantasy football draft and my hope is my team is going to win it all this year.  That is just a fantasy though I am sure the reality will set in soon.  Will the Phillies make the playoffs?  Will the Eagles be healthy and get back to the Super Bowl?  When the rich young ruler asked Jesus what must I do to inherit eternal life was this the real question he wanted to ask or was it something else?  Let’s talk about it on this September 1st edition of P & P.

We remember our 2008 World Series Phillies….we remember what the Lord did for us…..

It was a great weekend seeing all the past 2008 Phillies players being paraded out and honored and remembered for their great accomplishments.  What a celebration, how could we ever forget it!  The current Phillies sweep the Marlins and our doing great.  What did Jesus ask us to remember about him….let’s talk about it on this Monday edition of Players & Prayers……..


Happy Mother’s Day…Phillies wear throwback uniforms…Peter restored…

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I was watching the Phillies and they were wearing the old 1980 throwback uniforms.  They won the game that day like they used to, one big swing and it was over!  Peter tried to go back to his past life after denying the Lord 3 times, but how did it turn out?  Did Jesus let him?

Let’s talk about it on this Tuesday morning…….

Phils win 20 to 1….Perspective….How good are they really?

The Phillies won 20 to 1 over the weekend! Should we set up our chairs for the parade or was this just a one time deal?  Our perspective on this will gauge how we feel about them currently.  What is God’s perspective when trials hit our lives?  Let’s talk about it to start our week off…….Happy Monday!


Villanova fans out in full force celebrating 2nd title in last 3 years….How can we help crown the next champion?

Villanova has won their 2nd championship in the last 3 years,  What an accomplishment!

They should truly be crowned the best team around.  Speaking of crowns did you know the Bible mentions 5 different types of crowns you have a shot at?  Let’s take a look and see how you can get started this weekend……


Happy Easter! Villanova going back to the Championship…Phillies have no one warming up in 15-2 loss…


Happy Easter everyone! Villanova is going back to the title game.  With a crushing victory they are one more win away from a national title. The Phillies manager calls the bullpen and nobody answers?  Miscommunication, celebrating…..this sounds like a great segway into resurrection Sunday….




Arrest warrant out for Eagles Michael Bennett….Arrest warrant out for Jesus this week as well

Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett is facing some serious legal trouble in Texas.  There is an arrest warrant out for him as he allegedly injured a  a 66-year-old paraplegic who was working security during the Super Bowl last year.  Jesus would have an arrest warrant out for him later this week on Good Friday.  What are the key differences, you may be able to guess them 🙂