Wake Up Phillies!! The Phillies get shut out by the Reds….Jude reminds us to wake up as well with our Christian walk….

The Phillies are playing like they are half asleep these past few days.  No hitting, errors every where, and no timely pitching.  They need to get out of this funk and fast.  In the Bible in the book of Jude, he talks to the church about waking up with the way they are living their lives and who their true Master and Lord needs to be.  Not optional.  You can’t have one without the other…..Let’s talk about it on this Monday edition of Players and Prayers…..


Phillies have the best home record in the National League….How is your home record going?

The Phillies are tied with the Giants for the best home record in the National league.  This has made them a playoff team currently.  In Psalms 127 it talks about how the home should be built and how God sustains it.  Let’s talk about it on today’s podcast…..


Philly teams have a great weekend go 5-1….How was your weekend….did it change like the weather did?

It is a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan these days.  Phils sweep….Sixers win by 27…Flyers split but are haning in there.  On Saturday we were 84 and sunny and on Sunday we were 40 and rainy.  What a drastic change!  Kind of like Saul changing to Paul….let’s talk about this on Monday morning…..

Greatest College Hoops Upset Ever…..

UMBC stunned the world and defeated top overall seed Virginia 74-54 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, and with relative ease.

It is now considered one of the greatest if not the greatest upset in college sports. Are you advancing to the Kingdom of God, or is your bracket busted as well? Let’s have a spiritual check up and find out today.


Roger Bannister passes away at age 88, first man to break 4-minute mile. Oscar winners…..Best Actor….Paul and Silas?

Roger Bannister passed away at the age of 88. He is credited as the first man breaking the 4-minute mile. He was a real person and not an actor. The Oscars were last night and they handed out the best actor award. I am betting if Paul and Silas of the Bible were around, they would have been up for the award and might have even won! Let’s take a look at how they responded to a difficult situation.