Eagles win one for the Ages…put your trust in Nick….put your trust in God…

Eagles beat the Bears 16-15 in one of the best back and forth NFL playoff games I have seen in a long time.  Nick Foles delivers another victory against a top opponent and proves you can trust him.  There was a leader named Naaman who needed to trust Elisha and God to heal his leprosy.  How would he respond to this tribulation in his life…..let’s find out on today’s podcast……


Eagles Not Going to the White House…Do you have your invitation?

Donald Trump has rescinded his invitation to the White House for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The truth is many players were not going to attend anyway.  But should he still have met with the players who wanted to come?  What does God say about his invitation he sent to you?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast……


Sixers advance to second round…Eagles pick today in the NFL Draft…..2 donkeys get lost….

The Sixers finish off the Miami Heat and will advance and play the Boston Celtics.  The NFL draft is tonight and the Eagles will pick a player who someday could be their future leader….exciting times….What does Saul a future king losing 2 donkeys have to do with this?  Let’s talk about it…..


NFL teams clean house…Stephen Hawking death of a brilliant mind….Jesus cleans house…

NFL teams are cleaning house and getting rid of many top players for not performing.  Jesus went into the temple and cleaned house of the merchants who were taking advantage of people who just wanted to worship God.  Are there any similarities?  Let’s take a look on this TGIF edition…..


Roger Bannister passes away at age 88, first man to break 4-minute mile. Oscar winners…..Best Actor….Paul and Silas?

Roger Bannister passed away at the age of 88. He is credited as the first man breaking the 4-minute mile. He was a real person and not an actor. The Oscars were last night and they handed out the best actor award. I am betting if Paul and Silas of the Bible were around, they would have been up for the award and might have even won! Let’s take a look at how they responded to a difficult situation.


What is your Perspective of the Chiefs trading their starting Quarterback to the Redskins……they will not be signing their own Quarterback Cousins……. What is your perspective on Jesus?


So the Washington Redskins have decided from their viewpoint they would rather have Alex Smith than Kirk Cousins as their starting quarterback. We will see how this plays out next year. What is your viewpoint of who Jesus is? Do the demons know and fear Jesus more than most people today? Let’s listen in and find out…

Tyler Hilinski college football QB tragic sucide.

It is so sad to hear when anyone takes his or her life.  I just read where sophomore qb,

Tyler Hilinski committed suicide.  Despair and depression and pressure are real things in this life.  We pray for his family and friends.  What does the Bible tell us about this sensitive and delicate yet real issue many young people face today?


This is not a Drill! Scary times in Hawaii

The PGA Tour was in Hawaii this week.  This is where they received the missile threat by mistake and many golfers ran and took cover.  What would be going through your mind if this threat were real?  There is a passage in the book of Matthew about ten people who are supposedly ready to meet Jesus when he returns.  It turns out only 5 are really ready.

Are you living as a prepared follower of Jesus ready for his imminent return?