We remember our 2008 World Series Phillies….we remember what the Lord did for us…..

It was a great weekend seeing all the past 2008 Phillies players being paraded out and honored and remembered for their great accomplishments.  What a celebration, how could we ever forget it!  The current Phillies sweep the Marlins and our doing great.  What did Jesus ask us to remember about him….let’s talk about it on this Monday edition of Players & Prayers……..


Happy Mother’s Day…Phillies wear throwback uniforms…Peter restored…

I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I was watching the Phillies and they were wearing the old 1980 throwback uniforms.  They won the game that day like they used to, one big swing and it was over!  Peter tried to go back to his past life after denying the Lord 3 times, but how did it turn out?  Did Jesus let him?

Let’s talk about it on this Tuesday morning…….