Phillies season on the brink, like a hurricane a coming….

The Phillies are 6-16 in their last 22 games and quite frankly have forgotten how to win.  They can’t pitch, field, or hit and have regressed to such a low level, their triple A team may give them a run for their money.  How has your Christian walk grown or regressed according to this passage in Hebrews 5?  Let’s talk about it today and see where we stand…..

Philly teams have a great weekend go 5-1….How was your weekend….did it change like the weather did?

It is a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan these days.  Phils sweep….Sixers win by 27…Flyers split but are haning in there.  On Saturday we were 84 and sunny and on Sunday we were 40 and rainy.  What a drastic change!  Kind of like Saul changing to Paul….let’s talk about this on Monday morning…..

Roger Bannister passes away at age 88, first man to break 4-minute mile. Oscar winners…..Best Actor….Paul and Silas?

Roger Bannister passed away at the age of 88. He is credited as the first man breaking the 4-minute mile. He was a real person and not an actor. The Oscars were last night and they handed out the best actor award. I am betting if Paul and Silas of the Bible were around, they would have been up for the award and might have even won! Let’s take a look at how they responded to a difficult situation.


Olympic Flame burns bright…


As the Olympic flame burns bright in the night in South Korea, it is a great reminder of the journey we all take. The winter Olympians from all the countries worked so hard to get here the past four years and they are ready to compete with everything they got. How about us as Christians? What are you doing to fan the flame of desire in following Christ and his cause? Let’s take a look and see what Paul says to Timothy about keeping the embers hot……