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Meeting Needs….for all (4) Philadelphia sports teams….meeting needs of others..

Right now, all four of the Philadelphia sports teams have losing records or the season ended with a losing record, aka the Phillies.  What happened?  How did we not address the off-season issues?  Can we same the same thing about our walk with the Lord?… Read More


Good time and bad times…Phils in first place, loss of Ray Emery…..God is always present…..

The tragic death of Ray Emery over the weekend overshadowed a first place Phillies team at the All-Star break.  Where is God in all of this?  Let’s talk about it on this edition of  Players and Prayers…… Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe:… Read More

4th of July…….242 years later……how are we doing?

Happy 4th of July! 242 years later how are we doing as a country?  The Philles are doing well and they keep on winning.  Let’s talk about it on this 4th of July, Holiday edition….. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS