Meeting Needs….for all (4) Philadelphia sports teams….meeting needs of others..

Right now, all four of the Philadelphia sports teams have losing records or the season ended with a losing record, aka the Phillies.  What happened?  How did we not address the off-season issues?  Can we same the same thing about our walk with the Lord?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast…..

Youth movement for the Phillies…They keep winning…Jeremiah was young once, and did great things as well…..

The Phillies got their 47th win on July 4th.  They did not get 47 wins last year till August 25th!  The youth movement, starting from their manager to their players, is really starting to pay off.  Jeremiah was young once and God called him to do great things as a little guy.  Let’s talk about it on this Friday edition……

Season over for Sixers, hope springs eternal….

It was a tough series and a tough loss to end the Sixers season last night.  The future looks bright if they can learn from their lack of leadership and bad coaching decisions that cost them the series.  How did King Saul spend his life, and what can we learn from his bad leadership decisions….let’s talk about it today and find out.

Sixers advance to second round…Eagles pick today in the NFL Draft…..2 donkeys get lost….

The Sixers finish off the Miami Heat and will advance and play the Boston Celtics.  The NFL draft is tonight and the Eagles will pick a player who someday could be their future leader….exciting times….What does Saul a future king losing 2 donkeys have to do with this?  Let’s talk about it…..


Philly teams have a great weekend go 5-1….How was your weekend….did it change like the weather did?

It is a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan these days.  Phils sweep….Sixers win by 27…Flyers split but are haning in there.  On Saturday we were 84 and sunny and on Sunday we were 40 and rainy.  What a drastic change!  Kind of like Saul changing to Paul….let’s talk about this on Monday morning…..

Phils win 20 to 1….Perspective….How good are they really?

The Phillies won 20 to 1 over the weekend! Should we set up our chairs for the parade or was this just a one time deal?  Our perspective on this will gauge how we feel about them currently.  What is God’s perspective when trials hit our lives?  Let’s talk about it to start our week off…….Happy Monday!