Meeting Needs….for all (4) Philadelphia sports teams….meeting needs of others..

Right now, all four of the Philadelphia sports teams have losing records or the season ended with a losing record, aka the Phillies.  What happened?  How did we not address the off-season issues?  Can we same the same thing about our walk with the Lord?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast…..


Eagles Not Going to the White House…Do you have your invitation?

Donald Trump has rescinded his invitation to the White House for the Philadelphia Eagles.  The truth is many players were not going to attend anyway.  But should he still have met with the players who wanted to come?  What does God say about his invitation he sent to you?  Let’s talk about it on this podcast……


Eagles fans prayers answered with an awesome parade

Everyone loves a parade! With millions in attendance, the Eagles did not disappoint.  The city was packed with fans that had their prayers answered with a Super Bowl parade.

How about you these days?  Are you hearing back from God on your own prayers?  Let’s take a look and see what God wants from you in your own prayer life.

True Fans will go to the parade tomorrow and celebrate with a sea of green!


Tomorrow  is the parade of all parades!  Every fan and fair weather fan will be there to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if you just jumped on the bandwagon or if you have been a life long fan, it is time to celebrate!  It reminds me of the parable of the wheat and the tares.  There was a blending of the two, and it was impossible to tell the difference until the very end.  Let’s take a look…..



Eagles win Super Bowl 52! Let’s celebrate!

Eagles win, E-A-G-L-E-S win! What a game! I think I have never been so invested in a game in all my life.  I felt like I just played the game.  Great win for the team, the city, and the fans.  I loved the testimony by the coach and the quarterback.  It makes me yearn for the ultimate celebration that will happen some day…….


Anticipating an Eagles win!

We are all anticipating a great Super Bowl! If the Eagles win it will be the most celebrated game in our history. As the game goes on and we try to anticipate the next play call or the next score we will get more anxious and excited. What a time that will be. The next great anticipation for the Christian is the return of Christ. There will be nothing like it! Are you ready to see Jesus come back if he came back today?