Don’t drift away Phillies….Tiger drifts away from the lead…how is your walk, are you drifting?

Phillies are haning on to first place by a thread….Tiger Woods was briefly leading the British Open and then it drifted away to the younger golfers… is your walk going these days and are you drifting…..Let’s talk about it to start the week off right….


March Madness is upon us….time to pick our brackets….Time is so precious, let’s use it the proper way God intended.

This weekend we had to set the clocks forward and we lost an hour.   The Phillies signed a great pitcher is Jake Arrieta. Will this spring move make the difference? March Madness is here and Villanova is a number one seed. Time to pick our brackets. What does God say about time and the way we should redeem it. Let’s take a listen and find out……


Tiger knocking off the Rust


Tiger Woods is back and knocking off the rust!

Tiger is back in the game.  After a long layoff he is back and he never gave up.

Jesus never gave up on Peter.  When he was restored he roared like a…well like a Tiger and was on fire for the Lord.  How about you?  It is December 1st today, Jesus wants to meet with you despite what you might think or believe.  Make your comeback today!